8 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Excessive eyebrows plucking and making up the wrong color, a wrong concealer or too much blush are mistakes that make you look older than you really are.

Here are the main mistakes ladies do and few alternatives for make-up:

1. Excessive eyebrows plucking and making up the wrong colors can add 10 years to your age.

2. Thin eyebrows, sharp, with a straight base, much darker tone than hair color are prematurely aging your physiognomy.
If we add the mistake of applying foundation on the eyebrows, the effect of aging or vulgar aspect is … unfortunately, guaranteed.

Trick: natural eyebrows, neat, adapted to your physiognomy, are the best option!

3. Applying the wrong foundation in texture and color as applying it too much will give major disservice both to skin health and to your general appearance.

Trick: Choose your foundation according to your skin, depending on the season and apply it “sparingly”, or mix it with your day cream when you want an extremely natural look.

4. Applying powder under the eyes on the periocular area will definitely make you look older than you are and will highlight the unwanted wrinkles.

Trick: If you necessarily want powder under the eyes, take a three-layer soft tissue and layer them off. Put it over your closed eyes and apply over it a very fine-grained powder using a natural bristle brush.

5. Applying metallic shadow, shimmer and glitter, to left-lidded eyes may create the appearance of tired eyes, aging and drawing attention precisely on what we want to hide or blur.

Trick: for wrinkle eyes, even superficial, we recommend mate makeup.

6. Incorrectly applied mascara on the lower eyelid gives the impression of tired eyes, sad or descendant look.

Trick: Make-up your genes, and if you necessarily want, use on the lower eyelid, in small amounts, a light tone mascara.

7. Purple, burgundy, dark blue or black eye shadow, when it falls, even in small particles under the eyes, can stretch accentuate and dark circles, creating an impression of tired, exhausted face.

Trick: Mix a little translucent powder with a little blush (powder) gradually applied using a natural bristle brush.

8. Lip liner incorrectly applied, asymmetrical, far above the natural contour of the lips, can bring major disservice to your appearance.

Trick: Do not exceed the natural contour of the lips. Makeup is meant to highlight, but in a pleasing aesthetically way. Avoid orange or coral lipsticks if your teeth are not very white and red lipsticks that are “migrating” on teeth.