9 Leg Health Problems That Can Signal Serious Illnesses

Hard work, poor nutrition, or a change in pressure may all cause changes in your legs and feet. However, there are more serious situations when leg problems point to serious health issues.

The team at Bright Side decided to find out in which cases the condition of our legs might be a sign that we should visit a doctor.

Kidney troubles

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If the kidneys don’t work properly, excess fluid exits the body with some difficulties. This causes edema.

If the area around your eyes is swollen or you feel pain that resembles an electroshock in some of your limbs, this also can be a symptom of such a problem.

Venous insufficiency

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During venous insufficiency, blood moves from limbs to the heart with difficulties. This happens when venous valves are weak or damaged.

This causes swelling. The most intense swelling occurs in the ankle area and is followed by pigmentation and a feeling of heavy legs.

Cardiac insufficiency

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In this case, one or two cardiac chambers lose their ability to push blood effectively, which is why it is accumulated in the lower limbs.

Legs swell, and pain comes together with that.


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Swelling of one or both legs may signal deep venous thrombosis. This problem is very dangerous. If you feel that you might have it, go to your doctor immediately.

Liver problems

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You can spot early symptoms of liver problems by the condition of your legs. If your liver works abnormally, your limbs will start swelling and vascular spiders will appear.

It happens because of some troubles in blood flow between the intestine, spleen, pancreas, and liver.

Thyroid gland problems

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Leg conditions may also help to detect some thyroid problems. It is easy to spot the symptoms of hypothyroidism listed above.


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During atherosclerosis, the feet receive too little blood, which makes them pale and causes pain.

In the majority of cases, people neglect the symptoms of atherosclerosis. However, this illness has serious consequences.


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Having diabetes, even the smallest leg wounds can cause serious consequences. This is necessary to heal the feet.

This illness is often accompanied by nerve damage. People don’t feel pain and don’t notice the way a little bruise turns into an ulcer.


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Of course, pregnancy is not an illness. However, you can spot it early by some changes in your legs. They begin swelling (together with the arms), your legs start feeling heavy, and sometimes you get muscle spasms.

Sometimes these symptoms appear even before pregnancy is approved clinically.