How To Keep Your Nail Polish On Longer

Quality nail polish is extremely important if you want to take a manicure and look clean, but matter and the method by which you are applying nail polish. Every woman wants to have beautiful and healthy nails. Most complain that their fragile chipping, flaking and break very quickly. The best thing about beauty problems, though, is that they’re pretty much always solvable, and this isn’t the exception. When I actually do my manicure right, it takes a really long time before it starts chipping. The first condition for a perfect manicure is nails to be healthy.

If you fall off, nail polish will jump with them. Leave nails “breathe” at least one day a week, that does not give the nail. Instead, treats them with lemon juice or olive oil. Keep them 10 minutes in hot oil, to prevent their peeling. Lemon juice moisturizes and gives them shine.

Give them a beautiful shape. Removes dead skin, nail gives a slightly rounded shape and make sure its surface is smooth and dry well. If it is already peeling, the risk to break and compromise manicure is higher.

Applied to the nails, at least once or twice a week, a lake nutritious, vitamins A and E, keratin and calcium. It will moisturize and strengthen them. Apply nail polish in two layers. To resist better, first apply a very thin layer.

Leave to dry for 2-3 minutes, after which you give and the second layer. Finally, apply a protective varnish, nail that secures and gives a high gloss nail. “Seal” tip of the nail. Usually nail polish starts to jump from the top. At each layer applied on top of nail brush passes, all around, possibly under the peak, so that it completely covered and not see anything white.

This is the most important element conferring resistance varnish. Colorless varnish applied to the final. If the freshly applied nail polish end has small imperfections, giving fix it with a clear varnish. It can be applied after two to three days to refresh manicure. Another treatment is lemon juice. Lemon juice is one of the best natural treatments are handy to enhance and stimulate nail growth. After just a week of using the treatment, the nails become stronger and look more healthy. Lemon juice is applied 2-3 times a day on the nail with a brush (the kind that is used for applying nail polish). It is very important to use only fresh lemon juice and do not wash your hands for 2-3 hours after nail treatment.