Locate Your Pain On The Map And Find Out What’s Causing It

Pain in the large abdominal area can be caused by many different reasons, some of them benign but others can signify some serious health problems. If you want to discover what is causing the pain in the abdominal area, first you need to locate the exact place of origin.

The abdominal pain is very common and affects 90% of all people. Sometimes it can be very intense and sharp which may not be a sign of something serious, and if it`s mild but long lasting it can indicate some chronic disease.

If the abdominal pain lasts longer than 2 weeks, you must see a doctor to check if something serious is causing it. Also, go to your doctor if you have symptoms like persistent vomiting or bloating, or blood in the stool.

According to MedlinePlus: “Any pain in the area between chest and groin is called abdominal pain.”

Every spot of the abdominal area is connected to a different condition, so you will need to locate the pain precisely. Use the abdominal map to identify the meaning:

  1. This spot can signify stomach ulcer, pancreas inflammation (pancreatitis), or gallstones
  2. Gallstones, epigastric hernia, stomach ulcer, indigestion, gastric acid
  3. This part of the stomach covers pancreatitis, duodenal ulcer, stomach ulcer, bile duct obstruction.
  4. Constipation, lumbar hernia (ruptured spine disk), kidney stones, urethra inflammation
  5. Stomach ulcer, inflammation of the large or the small intestine, early stage of appendicitis, pancreatitis, umbilical hernia, Crohn`s disease
  6. Constipation, inflammation of the large intestine, kidney stones, diverticular disease
  7. Constipation, appendicitis, groin pain- inguinal hernia, pelvic pain- some gynecological disorder (like endometriosis for example)
  8. If you feel pain in this region you may have: appendicitis, inflammation of the large intestine, urethra inflammation, diverticular disease; pelvic pain- some gynecological disorder.
  9. Diverticular, disease; if it`s groin pain- it can be inguinal hernia, if it`s pelvic pain- some gynecological disorder

Abdominal pain can also be caused by something less serious like: certain food intolerance, gastritis caused by excess production of gastric acid, some stomach virus or food poisoning, constipation caused by poor diet and physical activity.