Microwave Cooking And Its Harmful Health Effects

Microwaves are one of the most used technologies in the whole world, because it allows us to prepare a meal or defrost/heat something in just a few minutes. But the comfort comes with some side effects.

Various researches discover that people are more prone to eating processed food. The amounts of processed food we consume every year are alarming, because food processing destroys most of the nutritive value of the meal.

The dangerous health effects of microwave cooking

According to researches, microwaves are the worst kitchen appliances which increase the risk of intestinal, stomach and blood cancer. And these are not the only negative side effects of suing a microwave.

Microwaves produce free radicals and ions, which can destroy viruses and bacteria in the food, but the heating can` reach the toxins.

Microwave food processing can destroy 60-90% of the nutritive value of the food. The altered nutrient compounds can lead to digestive issues.

Microwaves are a source of nonionizing electronically generated radiation, which is a great threat for our health, causing diseases like cataracts, cancer or birth defects.

Microwave radiation speeds up temperature growth, which triggers inner rotation of water molecules in food, bringing them to boil, due to fact that the oxygen they contain is the most sensitive of all natural substances.

Microwaves also destroy phytonutrients from the food, which are the plant medicines and vitamins our organism needs the most. Microwave food processing denatures most of the essential food proteins and makes them indigestible.

One of the side effects of regular use of microwave cooked food is infertility in men.

These are the most important researches which have proven the negative side effects of microwave food processing:

  • Soviet scientists discovered that microwave cooking can reduce metabolic stress of alkaloids, alactoses and glycosides, and decrease absorption of the most important vitamins, so in 1976 they banned the use of microwaves in households.
  • The “Comparative study of food prepared conventionally and in microwave oven” from 1992, shows that amino acids, when processed in microwaves, transform into toxic forms with changes in shape morphing.
  • In 2003, the Spanish government survey showed that cooking fruits and vegetables in microwaves destroys 97% of their nutritive value, increasing the risk of coronary disease.
  • After careful observation, Dr. Lee came to the conclusion that electromagnetic radiation from the microwave is converting the nutritive elements to toxic and carcinogenic compounds.

These are some of the negative effects of the microwave on nutritive food elements and human health:

  • Loss of vital energy in plants, humans and animals, when located within 500 meters from the microwave
  • Loss of balance and bioelectrical strengths
  • Imbalance of hormone production, as well as hormonal imbalance in male and female
  • Structural degradation of food`s nutritive values, 60-90% decrease of food value.
  • High levels of disturbance in alpha, theta and delta brainwaves, which can cause negative psychological effects like decreased concentration ability, loss of memory, suppressed emotional threshold, sleep interruption, deceleration of intellectual processes.
  • Degeneration of cellular voltage parallels, especially in the lymphatic area.

Microwaves are only destroying the nutritional value of the food, which leads to total deterioration in our entire system, so stop poisoning your body immediately.

The radiation has negative effects on the physical system, as well as our psych. So eat more raw, steamed and traditionally baked food.

Modern technology gadgets like the microwave cause numerous health issues. Yes, they are convenient because they shorten the time of food preparation and make our lives easier, but this is not worth the risk and harm they do to our health.

Do something good for your body- use an iron plate or a pan to cook, defrost or heat your food in the stove, instead of the microwave.