People Think Brown Rice Is Better Than White Because They Don’t Know This

White food is the association of unhealthy, processed or refined food. Mostly, this is true, white foods have healthier, brown option, like flour for example- whole flour instead of white flour, or brown sugar instead or white sugar, but this is not the case for some foods, and one of them is rice.

Most of us think that white rice is harmful for the health, due to the fact that it can spike the blood sugar levels after consuming it.

In the case of rice, the property to increase blood sugar levels is linked to the type, not the color. So it doesn`t matter if it`s white or brown, basmati rice has very low glycemic index.

A study published in the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition has discovered that brown basmati rice increases blood glucose more than the white version. 14 healthy volunteers were given 11 different types of rice, including white and brown basmati. After the consumption, the researchers measured the levels of blood glucose, to determine the type of rice with low glycemic index (meaning it does not elevate blood sugar) or medium high glycemic index (which raises the blood sugar levels).

The results from the study showed that white basmati rice is in the low glycemic index category, and brown basmati rice is in the second category, medium-high glycemic index. So the color of the rice is not associated with the ability to raise blood sugar levels.

This does not mean that the brown version is bad for the health, still you should prefer the white option.

Brown rice contains more phytates than the white one, which are also known as “anti-nutrients” because of their ability to prevent absorption of nutrients like iron, calcium or zinc.

This is not a direct threat for your life but consumption of foods high in phytates can cause mineral deficiency, which than leads to many other health conditions.

Foods have their positive and negative side, you must explore a little bit and consider all the facts before making a choice and choosing the right food.