The Shape Of The Eyes Tells Important Information About Someone`s Personality

The saying that the eyes are the window to your soul can be taken literally, because their shape and size tells a lot about your personality characters.

Don`t ask too many question to discover someone`s personality, first look at the shape of their eyes to learn more about them.

1. Large eyes: People with big, babyish eyes are usually very warm and passionate, receptive and creative.

2. Small eyes: These loners tend to be focused and intelligent.

3. Round form: These people tend to be creative, with vivid imagination. Their main characteristics are moodiness and being impractical.

4. Shape of an almond: Compassionate and cautious at the same time, they tend to leave balanced life, with positive outlook on things.

5. Eyes set close: This means that the distance between the eyes is smaller than the length of the eye. These people hate changes, they are very traditional, focused and disciplined.

6. Eyes set wide: This means that the distance between the eyes is at least the length of the eye. These people are flexible and impulsive.

7. Eyes set deep: when the eyes of the person are set back into the face, this person is most probably optimist and hopeless romantic.

8. Protruding eyes: They are worrying, sensitive and friendly.

9. Downward-slanting eyes: If the eyes of the person are slant downwards, this person is submissive and pessimistic. They make lifelong friends and they are easy to get along with.

10. Upward-slanting eyes: People with eyes slant upwards are usually very optimistic, ambitious and wise.

11. Hooded eyes: Cheerful and helpful people who find it hard to stand up for themselves.