These 5 Natural Ways Will Help You With Low Testosterone, Increase The Libido And Loss Weight

The testosterone hormone is very important for both sexes. Lack of testosterone in men is related to reduced libido, energy levels and muscle mass.

It can also cause other health problems like depression, insomnia, lack of confidence, cognitive issues or anxiety.

These natural methods will help you will low testosterone levels, in order to increase the libido, lose weight or treat other related problems.

1. Proper sleep: Enough proper sleep is very important for the overall health and energy. 7 hours a day should be enough for a healthy adult. The Journal of American Medical Association has published an article stating that sleep deficiency can decrease testosterone levels by 10-15 %.

2. Balance blood sugar levels: Increases blood sugar levels can limit the production and release of testosterone by 25%, so it`s very important to control the consumption of sugar and flour.

3. Stress: Low testosterone levels can be a result of stress, as well as anxiety, depression or negativity. Learn to cope with the stress to increase and balance the levels of testosterone in your body.

4. Muscle mass: Hard workout in order to gain more muscle mass can also regulate the metabolism and production of testosterone. In the process of aging we loss muscle mass, so it`s important to do regular exercises to prevent this. Work out few times a week, do more deadlifts, bench-presses or squats.

5. Nutrients: Depriving the body from crucial nutrients can decrease the production of testosterone. So improve your diet and introduce more food rich in nutrients.

  • Vitamin D: very important for the production of testosterone, healthy semen and sperm count. You`ll get it from the sun, foods enriched with it, or as a supplement.
  • Zink: the main ingredients of sperm, crucial for testosterone production. You can find it in milk, kefir, raw cheese, yogurt, beans, pumpkin seeds and many more products.
  • Healthy fats: TO prevent and fight low testosterone levels, consume more healthy fats from saturated animal fats or coconut and avocado oil, eggs, raw nuts and olive oil.

Consult your doctor before taking a measure to raise the testosterone levels. Also it`s very important to treat the problem in time to prevent further complications.