This Is The Dirtiest Part Of The Human Body And Here Is How To Clean It

In order to obtain optimal health, it is very important for each person, to maintain personal hygiene. Every single day, we come in touch with bacteria and microorganism. They are very dangerous for the person’s health, because they can be transmitted through the skin to skin touch and also through hair or clothes. The microorganisms and bacteria are all around us and it can stick to our skin when we touch things like elevators buttons or the door knop in our workplace.

Dirtiest Part of the Human Body

We can clean our body away from germs, bacteria and microbes by taking shower regularly, but still there is one part of the body which is not easily accessible. This place is the naval, also known as belly button and cannot be cleaned just by taking shower. This place is rich source of bacteria and it is the dirtiest part of our body. The indrawn shape of the navel makes it possible for it to collect all the dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, clothes fibers, soap and lotion. It is very difficult to wash it and as we mentioned it is a perfect environment for develop microorganism. This can be very harmless to you and your health, because can cause infection and it can also have unpleasant odor.

There are two types of navel, indrawn and protruding. A research has shown that if your navel is naturally indrawn it is prone to collect up to 65-70 different types of bacteria, despite the fact that you maintain good hygiene and take regular showers.

How to Properly Wash Your Navel

  • Indrawn Navel

You can clean your naval in three steps:

 All you need to do is to soak a cotton swab in some rubbing alcohol and clean your navel with it before you jump into the shower.  Also, while you are showering, you can use another cotton swab and apply some showering gel on it to clean your navel with it .At the end you can wash your navel thoroughly with some warm water. It is important to dry it really good by using a cotton towel.

  • Protruding Navel

If you want to clean a protruding navel you need to do the following steps:

  Firstly you need to take a cotton towel and apply showering gel on it. Than with the towel you can gently clean your navel. At the end, you need to wash it with warm water and dry it really well. It is important to follow these tips always before you take a shower if you want to have thoroughly clean body because this is the only way to completely get rid of all the bacteria and filth.